“I’ve been receiving private Pilates/Yoga sessions from Janelle for almost two years. The positive results I’ve obtained are a testament to her dedication to clients, her passion for perfecting technique, maintaining safety, and of course always making the experience enjoyable. While, hard work and dedication is a must for both client and instructor, Janelle never seizes to amaze my Pilates/yoga experience!” 


“Janelle Cruz's expert eye, Pilates training has strengthened and maintained my ballet body, so that I can continue dance as my livelihood. I have been training with Janelle on and off for about two years; and no matter what level of "shape" I'm in, Janelle knows what needs to be done and will not miss a beat. I am selective on who I train with in all aspects of my life; you can trust Janelle with your goals, mind and body. “



“Janelle is a creative, kind, caring, generous person and teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing private Pilates lessons with her. She customizes each lesson to her client/s bodies requirements. Janelle’s attention to detail enables her to accurately pinpoint areas of weakness. Utilizing her vast knowledge of Pilates exercises, Janelle is able to quickly identify what exercise is needed to strengthen an area. Janelle is very creative in her lesson planning and always has new exercises for me to do. She pushes me, challenges me and gives me the encouragement I need to complete the exercises. Her positive attitude and kind approach makes it a joy to do Pilates with her. Thank you so much Janelle for working with me to strengthen my body.